Work package 6: Optimal timing, cost benefit analysis and adaptation strategies

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Adaptation options are very specific for the sectors and the locations involved. This means that detailed assessment of the adaptation options needs to be fine tuned to the local circumstances and that very detailed knowledge on the sectoral and technical aspects of the various adaptation options needs to be shared with the stakeholders in important sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy, transportation, recreation, nature conservation, infrastructure and housing. Stakeholders and actors have limited information on the impacts of climate change, on the strategies to adapt, and on the costs and benefits of the various adaptation options. This project aims at developing detailed methods that can be applied in various case studies in a consistent manner, considering the future climatic change, based on the scenarios of KNMI and other meteorological offices.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • climatic change
  • land use
  • stakeholders
  • cost benefit analysis
  • strategic management


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