Upregulation of CD94 on CD8+T Cells in Anterior Chamber Immune Deviation

H. He, P. Yang, L. Jiang, J. Zhang, Changlin Zhao, L. Chen, X. Lin, H. Zhou, A. Kijlstra

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Background CD8+ regulatory T cells (Treg) have been considered to be involved in a model of ocular-induced tolerance, known as anterior chamber-associated immune deviation (ACAID). The phenotype and characteristics of CD8+Treg in ACAID remain only poorly understood. Recent studies have reported that the CD94-Qa-1 system is implicated in the induction of ACAID CD8+Treg, but the functions and characteristics of CD8+CD94+T cells remain unclear. Results Both mRNA and protein of CD94 and NKG2A were markedly up-regulated on splenic CD8+T cells of ACAID mice compared with controls. Flow cytometric analysis showed that very few CD8+CD94+T cells express granzyme B, perforin and Foxp3. CD8+CD94+T cells, but not CD8+CD94-T cells, magnetically isolated from the spleens of ACAID mice, produced large amounts of TGF-beta1 and exhibited suppressive activity in vitro. Neutralization of TGF-beta1 caused reversal of suppression mediated by CD8+CD94+T cells. Conclusion CD8+CD94+T cells from ACAID mice exhibited suppressive activity in association with enhanced expression of TGF-beta1, suggesting that CD8+Treg are mainly distributed in CD94+T cell subpopulations.
Original languageEnglish
Article number53
Number of pages11
JournalBMC Immunology
Publication statusPublished - 2008


  • human natural-killer
  • human t-lymphocytes
  • i molecule qa-1(b)
  • tgf-beta
  • inhibitory receptors
  • cytolytic activity
  • interferon-gamma
  • foxp3 expression
  • soluble-antigen
  • ifn-gamma

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