Uncovering Interaction Patterns in Mobile Outdoor Gaming

D.A. Orellana, M. Wachowicz, G. Andrienko, N. Andrienko

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Significant advances in recreation planning have been achieved thanks to the mobile technology and the ubiquitous computation. Today it is possible to know the real time position of a group of individuals participating in an outdoor game, and to obtain a large amount of data about their movements. However, most analyses have focused onindividual movements based on trajectories. In this paper we present a novel form of conceptualising and analysing human movement, based on a metaphor we have called "movement as interaction" which conceives movement as a result of interaction between individuals, collectives and the environment. The implementation of the proposed approach has enabled us to uncover interaction patterns in a group of children participating in an outdoor game based on mobile technology. The first results demonstrate the feasibility of our approach to detect game interactions.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2009
EventGEOWS 2009 -
Duration: 1 Feb 20097 Feb 2009


ConferenceGEOWS 2009


  • Interactions
  • Movement analysis
  • Movement representation


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