Transfer into decision support: the sustainability impact assessment tool (SIAT)

S. Sieber, K. Müller, P.J.F.M. Verweij, H. Haraldsson, K. Fricke, C. Pacini, K. Tscherning, K. Helming, T.G. Jansson

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This paper focuses on the development process and performance of the integrated meta-model Sustainability Impact Assessment Tool (SIAT), whose appropriateness for Sustainability Impact Assessment is finally discussed. The integrated meta-modelling approach SIAT is the central product of the project SENSOR, which innovates a simultaneous ex-ante policy impact assessment by 45 indicators with a full coverage of EU27. The knowledge-based model SIAT enables end users to assess the effects of land-use relevant EU-policy strategies and evaluate the impacts against sustainability criteria. The concept of the development process is crucial for the success of SIAT, since problem- and user-orientation can only be ensured by meeting precisely user’s requirements. The adequate external involvements of institutions in the design process as well as project-internal knowledge integration are essential keys for success. Latter focuses on quantitative assessments, qualitative knowledge and ensuring a consistent multi-scale interconnectivity. The novelty of the meta-model approach SIAT consists of the dual approach that a) analyses by ‘impact identification’ the effects of changes on multifunctional land use and subsequent b) assesses their fulfilment of sustainable tolerance limits through ‘sustainability (risk) valuation’. The model framework focuses on cross-sectoral trade offs and side effects of the six sectors agriculture, forestry, energy, transport, nature conversation and tourism. The regionalisation of results is rendered in administrative European regions (NUTS2/3). The discussion concludes that the integrated meta-model SIAT is a feasible model concept to conduct sustainability impact assessments.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSustainability impact assessment of land use changes
EditorsK. Helming, M. Pérez-Soba, P. Tabbush
Place of PublicationBerlin
ISBN (Electronic)9783540786481
ISBN (Print)9783540786474
Publication statusPublished - 2008


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