Training Manual Occupational Pesticide Exposure & Health

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The VegIMPACT project, short for ‘vegetable production and marketing with impact’, aims to improve vegetable production and marketing of small farmers in Indonesia. VegIMPACT contributes to increased food security and private sector development in Indonesia and is financed by the Netherlands Government. The program (2013-2016) is carried out by Wageningen University and Research Centre, together with local partners and national and international companies involved in the vegetable production and marketing chain. One of the work packages of the vegIMPACT project is Occupational Health. This work package intends to reduce pesticide related occupational health hazards, with specific attention to women. At the moment there is limited awareness about the chronic negative health effects of exposure to pesticides such as e.g. cancer, infertility and miscarriages. Especially women receive no or limited information on pesticides. In order to reduce pesticide related occupational health risks in Indonesian agriculture major steps must be taken with regard to the reduction of pesticide exposure and improvement of handling and application practices. This training manual is developed as a supplement to the vegIMPACT ‘Occupational Pesticide Exposure & Health’ PowerPoint presentation and is designed for trainers facilitating the vegIMPACT ‘Occupational Pesticide Exposure & Health’ training.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherWageningen UR
Number of pages61
Publication statusPublished - 2015

Publication series

NamevegIMPACT report
PublisherWageningen UR


  • pesticides
  • application
  • exposure
  • occupational health
  • training
  • guide books

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