Tourism innovation by hundling practices: A genealogy of the 'Zeelandpas' destination card

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This chapter examines the history of the regional tourism destination card and develops a specific and detailed analysis of its development as a 'bundling of practices'. It examines the development of this destination card genealogically by historically following its actors and their actions. The chapter reconstructs how connections between practices have been achieved and how constituent practices have changed accordingly. It first, introduces practice theory, the case and the methods used. Second, it shows how practices were connected and the card was developed by studying the genealogy of this card. The chapter examines the process of creating, realising and implementing a destination card in a Dutch context. It aims to contribute to literature on tourism destination cards by presenting a detailed understanding of its associated processes. The chapter particularly focuses on which 'doings and sayings', rules and materials played an important role in connecting existing practices into this destination card and how this bundling affected existing practices.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTheories of Practice in Tourism
EditorsLaura James, Carina Ren, Henrik Halkier
Place of PublicationOxxon
ISBN (Electronic)9781315162171
ISBN (Print)9781138061705
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2018


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