The Rural Household Multiple Indicator Survey, data from 13,310 farm households in 21 countries

Mark van Wijk*, James Hammond, Leo Gorman, Sam Adams, Augustine Ayantunde, David Baines, Adrian Bolliger, Caroline Bosire, Pietro Carpena, Sabrina Chesterman, Amon Chinyophiro, Happy Daudi, Paul Dontsop, Sabine Douxchamps, Willy Desire Emera, Simon Fraval, Steven Fonte, Lyda Hok, Henry Kiara, Esther KihoroLuke Korir, Christine Lamanna, Chau T.M. Long, Godfrey Manyawu, Zia Mehrabi, Dejene K. Mengistu, Leida Mercado, Katherin Meza, Vesalio Mora, Jacob Mutemi, Mary Ng’endo, Paulin Njingulula, Chris Okafor, Tim Pagella, Phonepaseuth Phengsavanh, James Rao, Randall Ritzema, Todd S. Rosenstock, Tom Skirrow, Jonathan Steinke, Clare Stirling, Jose Gabriel Suchini, Nils Teufel, Peter Thorne, Steven Vanek, Jacob van Etten, Bernard Vanlauwe, Jannike Wichern, Viviane Yameogo

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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The Rural Household Multiple Indicator Survey (RHoMIS) is a standardized farm household survey approach which collects information on 758 variables covering household demographics, farm area, crops grown and their production, livestock holdings and their production, agricultural product use and variables underlying standard socio-economic and food security indicators such as the Probability of Poverty Index, the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale, and household dietary diversity. These variables are used to quantify more than 40 different indicators on farm and household characteristics, welfare, productivity, and economic performance. Between 2015 and the beginning of 2018, the survey instrument was applied in 21 countries in Central America, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. The data presented here include the raw survey response data, the indicator calculation code, and the resulting indicator values. These data can be used to quantify on- and off-farm pathways to food security, diverse diets, and changes in poverty for rural smallholder farm households.

Original languageEnglish
Article number46
JournalScientific Data
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 11 Feb 2020

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  • The Rural Household Multiple Indicator Survey (RHoMIS) data of 13,310 farm households in 21 countries

    van Wijk, M. (Creator), Hammond, J. (Creator), Gorman, L. (Creator), Adams, S. (Creator), Ayantunde, A. (Creator), Baines, D. (Creator), Bolliger, A. (Creator), Bosire, C. (Creator), Carpena, P. (Creator), Chesterman, S. (Creator), Chinyophiro, A. (Creator), Daudi, H. (Creator), Dontsop, P. (Creator), Douxchamps, S. (Creator), Emera, W. D. (Creator), Fraval, S. (Creator), Fonte, S. (Creator), Hok, L. (Creator), Kiara, H. (Creator), Kihoro, E. (Creator), Korir, L. (Creator), Lamanna, C. (Creator), Long, C. T. M. (Creator), Manyawu, G. (Creator), Mehrabi, Z. (Creator), Mengistu, D. K. (Creator), Mercado, L. (Creator), Meza, K. (Creator), Mora, V. (Creator), Mutemi, J. (Creator), Ng’endo, M. (Creator), Njingulula, P. (Creator), Okafor, C. (Creator), Pagella, T. (Creator), Phengsavanh, P. (Creator), Rao, J. (Creator), Ritzema, R. (Creator), Rosenstock, T. S. (Creator), Skirrow, T. (Creator), Steinke, J. (Creator), Stirling, C. (Creator), Gabriel Suchini, J. (Creator), Teufel, N. (Creator), Thorne, P. (Creator), Vanek, S. (Creator), van Etten, J. (Creator), Vanlauwe, B. (Creator), Wichern, J. (Creator) & Yameogo, V. (Creator), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), 31 Oct 2019


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