The phenotypic expression of QTLs for partial resistance to barley leaf rust during plant development

Lijuan Wang, Yajun Wang, Zhen Wang, T.C. Marcel, R.E. Niks, Xiaoquan Qi

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Partial resistance is generally considered to be a durable form of resistance. In barley, Rphq2, Rphq3 and Rphq4 have been identified as consistent quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for partial resistance to the barley leaf rust pathogen Puccinia hordei. These QTLs have been incorporated separately into the susceptible L94 and the partially resistant Vada barley genetic backgrounds to obtain two sets of near isogenic lines (NILs). Previous studies have shown that these QTLs are not effective at conferring disease resistance in all stages of plant development. In the present study, the two sets of QTL–NILs and the two recurrent parents, L94 and Vada, were evaluated for resistance to P. hordei isolate 1.2.1 simultaneously under greenhouse conditions from the first leaf to the flag leaf stage. Effect of the QTLs on resistance was measured by development rate of the pathogen, expressed as latency period (LP). The data show that Rphq2 prolongs LP at the seedling stage (the first and second leaf stages) but has almost no effect on disease resistance in adult plants. Rphq4 showed no effect on LP until the third leaf stage, whereas Rphq3 is consistently effective at prolonging LP from the first leaf to the flag leaf. The changes in the effectiveness of Rphq2 and Rphq4 happen at the barley tillering stage (the third to fourth leaf stages). These results indicate that multiple disease evaluations of a single plant by repeated inoculations of the fourth leaf to the flag leaf should be conducted to precisely estimate the effect of Rphq4. The present study confirms and describes in detail the plant development-dependent effectiveness of partial resistance genes and, consequently, will enable a more precise evaluation of partial resistance regulation during barley development
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)857-864
JournalTheoretical and Applied Genetics
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • age-related resistance
  • near-isogenic lines
  • puccinia-hordei
  • pseudomonas-syringae
  • disease-resistance
  • pyrenophora-teres
  • mosaic-virus
  • arabidopsis
  • gene
  • responses


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