The nitrate conflict between municipal water supply and agriculture the nimwag model

P.E. Rijtema, T.J. Hoeijmakers, J.G. Kroes

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    This description of the NIMWAG model has the same sequence as the computer program. The NIMWAG model calculates N03-N concentrations in the water extracted by a deep well. The model has been made operationel to execute calculations for 166 extraction areas. For each extraction area calculations have been made for 16 different fertilization alternatives. The model can be divided into 3 parts: a part with hydrological calculations, a part with fertilization calculations and a part to calculate the N03-N concentrations. The hydrological part is explained and calculates the spread of the feed in the extraction area and the residence times of the infiltrating precipitation excess. The fertilization level is calculated in dependence to the landuse in the extraction area and to the chosen fertilization alternative. The calculations of N03-N loads in the groundwater caused by the inflow of nitrate into the saturated zone and the denitrification in the saturated zone are explained.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationWageningen
    Number of pages37
    Publication statusPublished - 1987

    Publication series

    NameNota / Instituut voor Cultuurtechniek en Waterhuishouding


    • groundwater flow
    • water supply
    • wells
    • aquifers
    • nitrification
    • denitrification
    • manures
    • infiltration
    • models


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