The Missing Link: Sustainable Mobility for Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Within the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015, Goal 11 promotes sustainable cities and communities. To achieve that aim, this SDG must address the vicious cycle of rapid urbanization and increased motorization intertwined with the social, economic, and political context unique to every city. This chapter argues that SDG 11 lacks specificity and feasibility for implementation. Considering the paradigm shift from conventional transport planning to a sustainable mobility approach in the context of Southeast Asia, this chapter highlights the missing links in SDG 11 through the lens of sustainable mobility, mobility inequalities, and transport related social exclusion. Comparing active mobility projects and land use transportation integration policies and implementation in Singapore and Jakarta reveals how goals are subjected to governance structures, political will, and public acceptance. The policy coherence and governance in Singapore contribute to its effective and refined policies, while Jakarta has the advantage of civil society involvement. Analysing the distance, time, and cost required to conduct a similar, fictitious journey in each city, the contextual limitations contributing to mobility inequalities and exclusions are presented. Reflecting on potential roles for governments, market parties, and civil society, the chapter concludes with a discussion on innovations required for systemic change to achieve sustainable cities and communities.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSustainable Development Goals in Southeast Asia and ASEAN
Subtitle of host publicationNational and Regional Approaches
EditorsR. Holzhacker, Dafri Agussalim
ISBN (Electronic)9789004391949
ISBN (Print)9789004378230
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2018

Publication series

NamePolitical Ecology in the Asia Pacific Region
ISSN (Electronic)2589-6636


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