The Green Circles Initiative: A public-private partnership for sustainable and climate proof regional development

K. de Bruin, H. Goosen, L.L. de Rooij

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Brewing the future
Heineken Brewery has joined forces with Wageningen Environmental Research
(Alterra), the drinking water company, the water board, and the Provincial
government of South Holland in their ambition for a green and sustainable
environment. The initiative is called Green Circles. One of the aims is
environmentally responsible and climate smart water management, to secure
sustainable water management in the area South-Holland, the Netherlands,
towards 2030.
This poster illustrates the process of providing tailored information on climate
change in the context of the public-private partnership Green Circles.
Heineken Brewery uses local river water for its brewing process at its location
Zoeterwoude. The quality and supply of this water is of major importance and
climate change could threaten this. Furthermore, due to climate change floods
as well as dry periods could occur more frequently in the future.
A linkage between the European climate service data platforms, the national
Dutch climate effect atlas and expert judgement are established to map
the story about climate change and relate this to the regional development
ambitions. Interactive design workshops were held and all involved
stakeholders in the region were invited to visualize concrete ideas on how
adaptation can contribute to improving the quality of the living environment,
and the opportunities for businesses in the area.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 17 May 2017
EventBrewing a better world -
Duration: 17 May 201717 May 2017


ConferenceBrewing a better world


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