The genome of Peronospora belbahrii reveals high heterozygosity, a low number of canonical effectors and CT-rich promoters

M. Thines, R. Sharma, Y.A. Rodenburg, A. Gogleva, H.S. Judelson, X. Xia, D.J. van den Hoogen, M. Kitner, J. Klein, M. Neilen, D. de Ridder, M.F. Seidl, G. van den Ackerveken, F. Govers, S. Schornack, D.J. Studholme

Research output: Working paperAcademic


Profile hidden Markov models trained on aligned KEGG Orthology sequences for enzyme annotation

Rodenburg, Y. A. (Creator), de Ridder, D. (Contributor), Govers, F. (Contributor) & Seidl, M. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 7 Oct 2019


Comparative genomics including the basal pathogen Peronospora belbahrii reveal common evolutionary patterns and the monophyly of downy mildews in a paraphyletic Phytophthora

Thines, M. (Creator), Sharma, R. (Creator), Rodenburg, Y. A. (Creator), Gogleva, A. (Creator), Judelson, H. S. (Creator), Xia, X. (Creator), van den Hoogen, D. J. (Creator), Kitner, M. (Creator), Klein, J. (Creator), de Ridder, D. (Creator), Seidl, M. (Creator), van den Ackerveken, G. (Creator), Govers, F. (Creator), Schornack, S. (Creator) & Studholme, D. J. (Creator), 10 Aug 2018