Teachers stimulating self-regulated learning via co-regulated formative assessment practice

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Many teachers want to stimulate students to self-regulate their learning by applying formative assessment (FA) in the classroom. While the interaction between teacher and student are key in the FA process, not many research has been done yet in how teachers co-regulate the FA process to stimulate self-regulated learning (SRL) of students. In this study the main question was: How do teachers plan and implement (co-regulated) FA activities and what (matched) FA behaviour did students show? The FA cycle was used as framework to describe the FA process in five phases: 1. Clarifying expectations, 2. Eliciting student responses, 3. Analysing and interpreting responses, 4. Communicating about responses and 5. Taking follow-up actions: Adjusting teaching and learning. In total fourteen teachers planned and implemented co-regulated FA activities to stimulate students’ SRL. Results showed that teachers implemented more FA activities to stimulate SRL than they planned. Results also showed what co-regulated FA activities looked like for each of the five phases of the FA cycle. With these results teachers and researchers are better able to recognize and implement co-regulated FA practice to stimulate students’ SRL.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEARLI 2023 Book of abstracts
Publication statusPublished - 2023
EventEARLI 2023 - Greece, Thessaloniki
Duration: 22 Aug 202326 Aug 2023


ConferenceEARLI 2023


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