Summary of workshop findings for porcine B-cell markers

W.J.A. Boersma, R.J. Zwart, J. Sinkora, Z. Rehakova, K. Haverson, A.T.J. Bianchi

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    Based on cluster groups from the first-round analyses of the Third International Swine CD Workshop, 38 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) including eight internal controls were analysed by flow cytometry (FCM) and immunohistochemistry (IH) in the second-round analysis of the B-cell section of this workshop. Targets in this section included peripheral blood lymphocytes and cells isolated from ileal Peyer's patches (PP), mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN) of adult animals, bone marrow cells from newborn piglets and thymus cells isolated from foetuses at day 105 of gestation.Immunohistochemistry of these 38 MAbs identified four sets, whose ligands were co-expressed with CD21, which showed a tissue distribution compatible with specificity for cells including those of the B-cell lineage. Another group of miscellaneous antibodies appeared to identify other cells, several antibodies were negative. Two-colour flow cytometry (2C-FCM) was carried out by pairing each antibody of interest with antibodies to SWC7, CD21, sIgM and a polyclonal rabbit anti-swine immunoglobulin antiserum (RaSwIg).The anti-CD21 MAb BB6-11C9 (no. 20) and IAH-CC51 (no. 19), established in previous workshops, as well as the cross-reactive anti-human CD21 B-1y4 (no. 146), clustered together in FCM analyses of the first round and showed similar cellular distribution in IH. A further cluster was formed by the standard CC55 (no. 55) and 2A10/8 (no. 102) submitted as SWC7 specific. The second SWC7 standard 2F6/8 (no. 100) clustered separately, but IH showed an identical pattern of reactivity to the other SWC7 MAb.Unfortunately, this work could not identify any other novel clusters with specificity for B-cells, as the statistical clustering of other MAbs could not be substantiated by IH or subsequent two-colour-FCM work. However, we could identify MAb with similar cellular distribution. The ligands for the cross-reactive anti-human CD40 G28.5 (no. 25) and STH224 (no. 153) were expressed on very similar targets, similarly the ligands for the MAb pair JM1H1 (no. 139) with BB6-10A10 (no. 142) and the MAb pair 3F7/11 (no. 115) with 1C2F10 (no. 187).
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)63-78
    JournalVeterinary Immunology and Immunopathology
    Issue number1-2
    Publication statusPublished - 2001


    • B-cells
    • CD21
    • CD40
    • Cluster of differentiation (CD) antigens
    • Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs)
    • Pig
    • SWC7


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