Source of vase life variation in cut roses: A review

D. Fanourakis, R. Pieruschka, A. Savvides, A.J. Macnish, V. Sarlikioti, E.J. Woltering

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In determining vase life (VL), it is often not considered that the measured VL in a particular experiment may greatly depend on both the preharvest and evaluation environmental conditions. This makes the comparison between studies difficult and may lead to erroneous interpretation of results. In this review, we critically discuss the effect of the growth environment on the VL of cut roses. This effect is mainly related to changes in stomatal responsiveness, regulating water loss, whereas cut flower carbohydrate status appears less critical. When comparing cultivars, postharvest water loss and VL often show no correlation, indicating that components such as variation in the tissue resistance to cavitate and/or collapse at low water potential play an important role in the incidence of water stress symptoms. The effect of the growth environment on these components remains unknown. Botrytis cinerea sporulation and infection, as well as cut rose susceptibility to the pathogen are also affected by the growth environment, with the latter being largely unexplored. A huge variability in the choices made with respect to the experimental setup (harvest/conditioning methods, test room conditions and VL terminating symptoms) is reported. We highlight that these decisions, though frequently overlooked, influence the outcome of the study. Specifications for each of these factors are proposed as necessary to achieve a common VL protocol. Documentation of both preharvest conditions and a number of postharvest factors, including the test room conditions, is recommended not only for assisting comparisons between studies, but also to identify factors with major effects on VL.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-15
JournalPostharvest Biology and Technology
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • relative air humidity
  • acoustic-emission profiles
  • plant-population density
  • miniature potted roses
  • hybrida l. plants
  • botrytis-cinerea
  • water relations
  • keeping quality
  • postharvest performance
  • vascular occlusion

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