Social sustainability assessment of a Norwegian trawler using a novel method

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Objectives - Develop a method to assess social sustainability of Capture fisheries - Apply this method to a Norwegian trawler Methods - Indicators were defined for working conditions, terms of employment, fish welfare, job satisfaction, and food safety and product quality - Rubrics (i.e. categories describing performance) were determined - Data were collected through questionnaires Conclusions - Our methods provides insight into social sustainability at the level of the vessel and can be used to identify room for improvement Discussion - Validity of Indicators for job satisfaction and professional pride cannot be guaranteed - Some rubrics only apply to capture fisheries or Norway - Rubric assessment is more practical than benchmarking
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2015
EventWIAS Science Day 2015 - Wageningen
Duration: 5 Feb 20155 Feb 2015


ConferenceWIAS Science Day 2015


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