Smallholder Dairy Production: Analysis of Development Constraints in the Dairy Value Chain of Southern-Ethiopia

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This study analysesdevelopment constraints of the smallholder dairy production system in theDale and Shebedino districtsof southern Ethiopia. Data were collected from 120 dairy producers, six focus group discussions and six key informant interviews. Two major dairy production systems were identified based on major agricultural activities: the coffee-based dairy production system and the enset-coffee-based dairy production system. Coffee-based dairy producers owned less localdairy cows and earned a higher income as compared to farmers in enset-coffee-based dairy production systems, which generated relatively more income from off-farm activities. Shortage of feed andfeed resources, lack of access to improved breeds, market and credit services were the major dairy development constraints in the two districts. Rapid urbanization, rising income, and population growth were creating market opportunities for dairy development in the area. Market was found to be the driving force of dairy development. In response to increasing demand for dairy products, most of the dairy producers were willing to expand their dairy farming. Sustainable dairy development can be achieved through improving access to key resources, inputs and services in the dairy production value chine and markets.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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