Simulatie van veranderingen in concentraties van voedingselementen rond plantewortels

F. van Dorp

Research output: Thesisexternal PhD, WU


Simulation of changes in nutrient concentrations around plant roots.
Factors determining nutrient uptake by plant roots can be divided into those influencing root geometry and root growth and those influencing the transport of nutrients to the roots. Experiments were carried out with maize on a nutrient solution in coarse sand and on mixtures of synthetic ion-exchangers onto which nutritive ions were adsorbed. The exchangers were used as a growth medium with characteristics between those of nutrient solution and soil.
The results from these experiments and especially from those with nutrient solution were used for computer simulation models (written in CSMP), describing the changes in ion concentration around roots caused by the uptake of nutrients and water by the roots as a function of time over long periods and more in detail over short periods.

Original languageDutch
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Awarding Institution
  • van Diest, A., Promotor, External person
Award date15 Apr 1977
Place of PublicationWageningen
Print ISBNs9789022006245
Publication statusPublished - 1977


  • metabolism
  • plant nutrition
  • assimilation
  • roots
  • root pressure
  • suction
  • nutrients
  • plant physiology
  • plant development
  • liquids
  • absorption
  • emission
  • circulation
  • models
  • research
  • chemical analysis
  • exposure
  • environmental degradation
  • kinetics
  • ecotoxicology

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