Sequence analysis of bluetongue virus serotype 8 from the Netherlands 2006 and comparison to other European strains

S. Maan, N.S. Maan, N. Ross-Smith, C. Batten, A.E. Shaw, S. Anthony, A.R. Samual, K.E. Darpel, E. Veronesi, C.A.L. Oura, K.P. Singh, K. Nomikou, A. Potgieter, H. Attoui, E.M.A. van Rooij, P.A. van Rijn, K. Clercq, F. Vandenbussche, S. Zientara, E. BreardC. Sailleau, M. Beer, B. Hoffmann, P.S. Mellor, P.P.C. Mertens

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