Selection for dwarfism in poultry

Euribrid (Inventor), Vakgroep Veefokkerij LUW (Inventor), M. Groenen (Inventor), G.A.A. Albers (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The invention relates to a gene located on chromosome 1 in chickens, which in birds is involved in so called autosomal dwarfism. The most likely candidate gene has a homolog in mice and men and is called HMGI-c. The sequence of the cDNA and genomic DNA of the gene is provided, as well as uses of said sequence or parts or derivatives thereof, as well as methods of using sequences from this gene or flanking sequences, or microsatellite markers in close vicinity to this gene in methods for selecting for one of the two alleles of this gene. Specifically provided are breeding methods using discrimination between dwarf fenotypes and non dwarf fenotypes, which are a result of the allele variation within this gene.
Original languageDutch
Patent numberWO9830689
Priority date10/01/97
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jul 1998

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