Scenario analysis

L. Li, L.C. Braat, G. Lei, E.J.M.M. Arets, J. Liu, L. Jiang, Z. Fan, W. Liu, H. He, X. Sun

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This chapter presents the results of the scenario analysis of China’s ecosystems focusing on forest, grassland, and wetland ecosystems. The analysis was undertaken using Conversion of Land Use Change and its Effects (CLUE) modeling and an ecosystem service matrix (as explained below) complemented by a series of stakeholder policy consultations and case studies. The study projects and analyzes the impacts of land use and/or conversion on the generation of ecosystem services for development in China using three different scenarios and then identifies the policies and actions that will sustain and enhance ecosystem service flows from forests, wetlands, and grasslands.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEcosystem services and management strategy in China
EditorsY. Chen, B. Jessel, B. Fu, X. Yu, J. Pittock
Place of PublicationBerlin/Heidelberg Germany
Number of pages163
Publication statusPublished - 2014

Publication series

NameSpringer Earth System Sciences
PublisherSpringer Verlag

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    Li, L., Braat, L. C., Lei, G., Arets, E. J. M. M., Liu, J., Jiang, L., ... Sun, X. (2014). Scenario analysis. In Y. Chen, B. Jessel, B. Fu, X. Yu, & J. Pittock (Eds.), Ecosystem services and management strategy in China (pp. 25-72). (Springer Earth System Sciences; No. XVII). Berlin/Heidelberg Germany.