Regional spore dispersal as a factor in disease risk warnings for potato late blight: a proof of concept

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This study develops and tests novel approaches that significantly reduce the fungicide input necessary for potato late blight control while maintaining the required high level of disease control. The central premise is that fungicide inputs can be reduced by reducing dose rates on more resistant cultivars, by omitting applications on days when conditions are unsuitable for atmospheric transport of viable sporangia and by adapting the dose rate to the length of the predicted critical period. These concepts were implemented and tested in field experiments in 2007 and 2008 in the North Eastern potato growing region in the Netherlands which is known for its high potato late blight disease pressure. Field experiments contained three starch potato cultivars, representing a range in resistance to potato late blight from susceptible to highly resistant, and a series of decision rules determining spray timing and incorporating an increasing number of variables such as: remaining fungicide protection level, critical weather, atmospheric capacity for viable transport of sporangia and the length of the predicted critical period. The level of cultivar resistance was used to reduce the dose rate of the preventive fungicide Shirlan (a.i. fluazinam) by default. A 50% – 75% reduction of the fungicide input proved possible in both years without adverse consequences to the crop or yield. The principles can be used in many decision contexts, but further work is needed to test and refine the methods before it can be used in practice
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the Eleventh EuroBlight Workshop, Hamar, Norway, 28-31 October 2008
EditorsH.T.A.M. Schepers
Place of PublicationLelystad, The Netherlands
PublisherApplied Plant Research, AGV Research Unit
Publication statusPublished - 2009
EventEleventh EuroBlight Workshop - Hamar, Norway
Duration: 28 Oct 200831 Oct 2008


WorkshopEleventh EuroBlight Workshop


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