Regional Externalities

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The book offers practical and theoretical insights in regional externalities. Regional externalities are a specific subset of externalities that can be defined as externalities where space plays a dominant role. This class of externalities can be divided into three categories: (1) externalities related to mobility and transport; (2) external economies of scale and cluster effects, and (3) spatial environmental externalities. The book offers examples of the above mentioned categories. environment externalities mobility regional economics space Table of contents Acknowledgements.- Heijman, W.:Regional Externalities: an Introduction.- Larsen, M.M., Madsen, B., Jensen-Butler, C.: Modelling Transport in an Interregional General Equilibrium Model with Externalities.- Rouwendal, J.: External Effects in Road Traffic: the Pigou-Knight Model and its Extension to Situations With Endegenous Speed Choice and Heterogenous Traffic.- v. Mouche, P., Pijnappel, W., Rouwendal, J.: On Traffic Congestion Models à la Mohring and Harwitz.- Jaarsma, C.F., Heijman, W.: Local Collectors Versus Major Infrastructural Works.- Gašparikovà, J., Nemcová, E., Páleník, M.: Regional Differentiation and Location of Industrial Capacity in the Slovak Republik.- Brzica, D.: Automobile Sector in the Slovak Republic: Current Situation and Future Prospects.- Snieška, V., Virvilaité, R., Kvainauskaité, V., Neverauskas, B., Gatautis, R., Dovalienè, A.: IT Market and E-Commerce in Transition Economy: Network Externalities.- Burger, K., Haagsma, R.: International Outsourcing in the Netherlands.- Rutten, R., Boekema, F.: Regional Externalities and Clusters: a Dutch Network Case-Study.- Beckmann, V., Wesseler, J.: Spatial Dimension of Externalities and the Coase Theorem: Implications for Co-existence of Transgenic Crops.- Heijman, W., van Ophem, J.: Abatement of Commuting's Negative Externalities by Regional Investment in Houses and Buildings.- Beran, V.; Dlask, P.: Risk as an Externality in Quantitative and Marginal Approaches.- Johansen, S.: Macro Policies and Regional Impacts in Norway.- Benítez, P.C., McCallum, I., Obersteiner, M., Yamagata, Y.: The Economics of Tree-planting for Carbon Mitigation: A Global Assessment.- Ignaciuk, A.M.: Positive Spillovers of Energy Policies on Natural Areas in Poland: an AGE Analysis
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBerlin Heidelberg
Number of pages340
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Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • externalities
  • regional development
  • regional planning
  • regional policy
  • transport
  • economies of scale
  • environment
  • regional economics


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