Révision du genre africain Rhabdophyllum Tiegh. (Ochnaceae), avec sa distribution au Cameroun et au Gabon

M.S.M. Sosef

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A revision of the African genus Rhabdophyllum Tiegh. is presented, including a key to the species and their distribution within Cameroon and Gabon. Th e position of the genus within the family Ochnaceae as well as its distinction with other genera of the subtribe Ouratinae is discussed. Th e view that the subtribe holds four genera, Ouratea Aubl., Campylospermum Tiegh., Idertia Farron and Rhabdophyllum Tiegh. is supported. A new species, R. crassipedicellatum Sosef, is described. Th e formerly accepted species R. refractum (De Wild. & T.Durand) Tiegh. is seen as being conspecifi c with R. affi ne (Hook.f.) Tiegh. Lectotypes are designated wherever necessary and one neotype is proposed.
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)119-135
Publication statusPublished - 2008


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