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    In The Netherlands, the Research Station for Cattle, Sheep and Horse Husbandry (in Dutch abbreviated as PR) bridges the gap between more basic and disciplinary research done at universities and research institutes on the one hand and the extension service and the farmers on the other hand. The PR adopted from the beginning a very practica1 approach. Applied research and technology development geared towards solving farmers’ problems are the main tasks. A major characteristic of the research is the integrated approach. Research is done under conditions similar to those on practica1 farms, while besides technical results also economie evaluations of solutions and new technologies are taken into account. The PR played an important role in the modernization and intensification process of dairy farming in The Netherlands. Developments in housing, fodder conservation, especially grass silage, slurry application on grassland, feeding according to individual requirements and integrated economie farm models were among those initiated by the PR. The practica1 approach of the PR and its experimental farms attracts the interest of farmers, not only in The Netherlands but also from abroad. Farmers from neighbouring countries use research results from PR and adapt them to their own situation. The large number of foreign visitors indicates the interest in the work and organization of the PR. Although the major task of PR is to conduct applied research for and transfer the findings to the Dutch farmers, PR has also provided advice and assistance to the development of the farming industry and agricultural research in several countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Since the seventies, foreign contacts became more frequent and intensive. International contacts and activities of PR have been mainly initiated through bilateral contacts of staff members. Because of the expertise available at PR, experts have been asked regularly for missions to evaluate or prepare dairy projects in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe as part of activities in the field of development cooperation or improvement of economie relations and/or export. The international activities have also led to joint projects in which PR provided technical backstopping or was the executive agent. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of PR as a research organization and the retirement of Mr.Sije Schukking, PR considered it worthwhile to highlight the international activities in this publication. This publication contains contributions from colleagues from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries describing the role of PR in international activities and a review of the international activities by colleagues from PR. However, above all we appreciate very much the contributions from colleagues from the different countries PR has co-operated and maintained contacts with namely from Poland, Estonia, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tanzania and Kenya. Each of them describing the situation regarding the dairy husbandry in their respective countries and the cooperation with The Netherlands and PR in the further development of the dairy industry in their countries. The driving force behind all these international activities was Mr. Sije Schukking. Like shown in the different contributions, his wide experience and practica1 knowledge in the field of dairy and live-stock farming in general and his personal abilities to cape with different situations and people makes him a much appreciated advisor in many countries. With pleasure I dedicate this publication to Mr. Schukking on the occasion of his official retirement and wish him and his family all the best for the future. However, I know that Mr. Schukking will conti-nue contributing to some of the current projects for some time. So you may see him again in the near future.
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