Proteins in biomass streams

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    The focus of this study is to give an overview of traditional and new biomasses and biomass streams that contain proteins. When information was available, the differences in molecular structure and physical and chemical properties for the different proteins is given. For optimal biomass use, isolation of valuable compounds like proteins can be an important aspect. To make decisions possible if biorefinery strategies by which the isolation of proteins is feasible, the economical value and production volumes of the different biomass streams will be discussed (when available). Also the industrial relevance and possible applications, such as technical applications and chemicals derived from proteins, will be reported. In addition, the outlet of protein-rich biomass resources in the feed sector will be pointed out.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationWageningen
    PublisherFood & Biobased Research
    Number of pages60
    Publication statusPublished - 2010

    Publication series

    PublisherFood & Biobased Research


    • proteins
    • agroindustrial sector
    • agribusiness
    • biomass
    • dietary protein
    • animal feeding
    • finance
    • biobased economy
    • biorefinery
    • production processes
    • biobased chemicals
    • economic aspects


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