Precipitation as driver of carbon fluxes in 11 African ecosystems

L. Merbold, J. Ardo, A. Arneth, R.J. Scholes, Y. Nouvellon, A. de Grandcourt, S. Archibald, J.M. Bonnefonds, N. Boulain, C. Bruemmer, N. Brueggemann, B. Cappelaere, E. Ceschia, H.A.M. El-Khidir, B.A. El-Tahir, U. Falk, J. Lloyd, L. Kergoat, V. Le Dantec, E. MouginM. Muchinda, M.M. Mukelabai, D. Ramier, O. Roupsard, F. Timouk, E.M. Veenendaal, W.L. Kutsch

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This study reports carbon and water fluxes between the land surface and atmosphere in eleven different ecosystems types in Sub-Saharan Africa, as measured using eddy covariance (EC) technology in the first two years of the CarboAfrica network operation. The ecosystems for which data were available ranged in mean annual rainfall from 320 mm (Sudan) to 1150 mm (Republic of Congo) and include a spectrum of vegetation types (or land cover) (open savannas, woodlands, croplands and grasslands). Given the shortness of the record, the EC data were analysed across the network rather than longitudinally at sites, in order to understand the driving factors for ecosystem respiration and carbon assimilation, and to reveal the different water use strategies in these highly seasonal environments
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1027-1041
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • water-vapor transfer
  • eddy-covariance
  • southern africa
  • spatial variability
  • savanna ecosystem
  • soil respiration
  • co2 exchange
  • beech forest
  • woody cover
  • open-path


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