Potential limitations of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary landscape studies

B. Tress, G. Tress, G. Fry

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


In the light of an increasing demand for studies applying interdisciplinarity or transdisciplinarity, the two-days seminar held in Wageningen in November 2002 was initiated to facilitate exchange of information and experiences on the expectations and practice of interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in Europe on landscape studies. The seminar linked to an ongoing discussion within research and policy on the role and expectations towards interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in the field of landscapes. The paper illustrates the potential and limitations of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary landscape studies. The conclusions are based on the findings of the INTELS study investigating interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in European landscape studies (www.intels.cc), the contributions in this book, and the Delta seminar discussions
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInterdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Landscape Studies: Potential and Limitations
EditorsB. Tress, G. Tress, A.J.J. van der Valk, G. Fry
Place of PublicationWageningen
Number of pages192
Publication statusPublished - 2003

Publication series

NameDELTA Series
PublisherWUR, Alterra


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