Plant uptake of cadmium as affected by variation in sorption parameters.

A.E. Boekhold, S.E.A.T.M. van der Zee

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference paper


The effect of accumulation of cadmium in the topsoil on cadmium contents in crops is evaluated for field scale situations, using a model that links cadmium input, plant uptake, and leaching to cadmium accumulation in the rootzone. Measurements of pH and organic matter content, which regulate sorption behaviour to a large extent, show significant field-scale variability. Taking this heterogeneity into account, the probability that the cadmium concentration in part of the plants exceeds quality standards is compared with exceedance of the distribution average.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPlant nutrition : physiology and applications : proceedings of the eleventh international plant nutrition colloquium, 30 July - 4 August 1989, Wageningen, The Netherlands
EditorsM.L. van Beusichem
Place of PublicationDordrecht
ISBN (Print)9780792307402
Publication statusPublished - 1990


  • cadmium
  • crop quality
  • heavy metals
  • modelling
  • soil heterogeneity

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