Planning change: lessons from a Dutch rurban region

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Over the past decades, we increasingly have become aware that many of the changes in metropolitan landscapes have not been the intended result of conscious government action, but more the unintended result of the actions of a variety of actors. This phenomenon has also been described as the gap between planning and implementation. To deal with this problem, the Dutch government has recently directed its focus at process innovation, using the term development planning. It is not clear whether this attempt for process innovation will enable the government to influence spatial change. An exploration of the driving forces of spatial change can inform an answer. We assume that spatial change is determined by interacting multi-level processes. At a regime-level, we find the formal proces of rural-urban planning, which is dictated by existing rules and routines. At the niche-level, actors try to influence landscape development and policy-making, using strategic actions, power resources and coalition building. Finally, at the macro-level, change can be prompted by sudden events or gradual social trends that inspire new policies or political action. We will reflect on the interaction between regimes, niches and the macro-level and its meaning for planning, using an example from planning practice in the Green Hart of the Netherlands. The development of the southern rural-urban fringe of Gouda wil be analysed from a historical and multi-level perspective of planning and change.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPlanning for the Risk Society. Dealing with Uncertainty, Challenging the Future. Abstracts
EditorsL. Lieto
Place of PublicationNapoli
PublisherGiannini Editore
ISBN (Print)9788874313693
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventXXI AESOP Conference, Napoli, Italy -
Duration: 11 Jul 200714 Jul 2007


ConferenceXXI AESOP Conference, Napoli, Italy

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    van der Stoep, H., & van den Brink, A. (2007). Planning change: lessons from a Dutch rurban region. In L. Lieto (Ed.), Planning for the Risk Society. Dealing with Uncertainty, Challenging the Future. Abstracts (pp. 219-220). Giannini Editore.