Physical properties of fertilizer in relation to handling and spreading

J.W. Hofstee

    Research output: Thesisinternal PhD, WU


    <p>The influence of physical properties of fertilizer on the handling and spreading is studied. The reviewed properties are particle size and particle size distribution, coefficient of friction, coefficient of restitution, particle strength and aerodynamic resistance. Further a measuring procedure based on the ultrasonic Doppler effect has been developed. The procedure is used for measuring the influence of physical properties and adjustment parameters on the motion of particles. Both a reciprocating spout type and a spinning disc type fertilizer spreader have been analyzed.
    Original languageEnglish
    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
    Awarding Institution
    • Speelman, L., Promotor
    • Huisman, W., Promotor
    Award date10 Dec 1993
    Print ISBNs9789054851493
    Publication statusPublished - 1993


    • broadcasting
    • spreaders
    • models
    • research
    • statistics
    • probability analysis
    • mathematics

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