Physical chemistry of foods

P. Walstra

Research output: Book/ReportBookAcademic


Exploring the structure and physical and chemical properties of solutions, dispersions, soft solids, fats, and cellular systems, this text describes the physicochemical principles essential to the comprehension and prediction of reactions and conversions that occur during the manufacture, handling, and storage of foods. The book contains practical examples of starch gelatinization and retrogradation, protein denaturation, lipid crystallization, foam and emulsion formation, colloidal interactions, glass transitions, and food freezing and structure, etc.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationNew York [etc.]
PublisherMarcel Dekker
Number of pages807
ISBN (Print)9780824793555
Publication statusPublished - 2003

Publication series

NameFood science and technology
PublisherMarcel Dekker
ISSN (Print)0891-8961


  • physical chemistry
  • physical properties
  • food
  • physics
  • food chemistry
  • food sciences
  • textbooks

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