P34.30 Adaptation, landscape heterogeniety & climate variability

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This poster aims to solicit feedback from conference participants on the question: Can land use be explained from regional climate variability & landscape heterogeneity? Rationale: if land use systems can be explained from climate variability & landscape heterogeneity, they may reflect an appropriate regional response to climate variability. And understanding the link between climate variability and land use can help to be proactive & adapt to future change in climate and climate variability. Let me try to make this more concrete: At the moment I do research in three rather different regions in the world. Each region has its typical traditional land use system. As I see it, people have diversified land use, yet at very different scales. In the view of climate variability and landscape heterogeneity of the landscape and the soil, the land use makes perfect sense (to me). This is what people did: Gaudiana Basin (Portugal / Spain): Land use diversified at the field level as a response to low landscape heterogeneity and climate variability. Extensive oak trees with, honey, herbs, pigs underneath (so-called dehesa system). Tisza River basin (Hungary): Land use diversified at the landscape level (different crops, fishing, housing next to each other to high landscape heterogeneity and climate variability. Land and water use adjusted to micro elevation: mosaic land use). Alxa Region, Inner Mongolia (China): Land use diversified at the regional level to low landscape heterogeneity and high climate variability. Nomadic herdsmen move around to ensure access to (water) resources and trade. Is there a relation between land use and climate or is what I see a coincidence? Is it a well-known phenomenon? Your experience can help to find out. With this poster you will find a short questionnaire. I hope more land use systems can be understood from climate variability and a limited number of other factors like landscape heterogeneity. The results of the questionnaire will be shared on the poster during the conference and on a website thereafter. Thus the poster aims to be an entry point for discussing diversification of land use as a climate adaptation strategy & -more in general- stimulate sharing the rich research experience of conference participants.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2009
EventConferentie: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 6 -
Duration: 10 Mar 200912 Mar 2009


ConferenceConferentie: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 6


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