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C.T. de Wit, G.C. Ennik

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


The statistical aspects of experiments on plant competition are described for plants which do, and those which do not, derive benefit from the presence of another sp. It is shown that it is much simpler to carry out one-year experiments, using varying proportions of each species in the experimental population, than to follow the change in composition of a mixture over several years, as the former are not complicated by changes in growing conditions from year to year. Experiments to determine the effect on yield of the distance between rows of crops can be treated as experiments on competition between rows with plants and rows without plants. A linear relationship can be demonstrated between the row spacing and the reciprocal of the yield.
Original languageDutch
Title of host publicationUnknown
Publication statusPublished - 1958

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NameJaarboek Instituut voor biologisch en scheikundig Onderzoek van Landbouwgewassen
ISSN (Print)0074-0403

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