Novel N-acyl-anthranilic acid compounds, and use of N- acyl-anthranilic acid compounds in insect control

A. Blaakmeer (Inventor), T.A. van Beek (Inventor), Ae. de Groot (Inventor), J.J.A. van Loon (Inventor), L.M. Schoonhoven (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The invention relates to the use of an N-acyl-anthranilic acid compound of the formula 1, where: R1 to R9 inclusive represent a hydrogen atom, halogen atom, alkyl group, phenyl group, hydroxyl group, alkoxy group, acyloxy group or a sugar radical, with the option of two adjacent groups out of R1 to R9 inclusive alternatively representing an alkylenedioxy group; X represents a direct bond or an alkylene, alkenylene or alkynylene group which may substituted with one or more alkyl groups or hydroxyl groups; Y represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group; and Z represents a hydrogen atom, methyl group, hydroxyl group, alkoxy group, mercapto group, alkylthio group, amino group or mono- or dialkylamino group, or a salt thereof, in insect control, in particular relating to insects of the order Lepidoptera, more particularly the family Pieridae, more particularly the genus Pieris. Also described are novel active substances and crop protection agents
Original languageDutch
Patent numberNL9202078
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 1992

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