Nieuwe middelen tegen valse meeldauw in Impatiens walleriana

J.D. Hofland-Zijlstra, F.R. van Noort, S. Bohne, R. Hamelink, W. van Wensveen, S. de la Fuente van Bentem, M. Sanders

    Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


    Abstract Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, together with Syngenta Seeds tested various combinations of agents for their effects to increase plant defense against infection of downy mildew in the consumer phase. All means were dosed 2-3 times during the growers phase. There are three new products, which were found to strengthen Impatiens plants against infection by downy mildew. It is still unclear how these products can be combined with other agents that also control pathogenic soil fungi so that failure occurs less rapidly under field conditions at high disease pressure. In 2011, this research will be continued at two field locations.
    Original languageDutch
    Place of PublicationBleiswijk
    PublisherWageningen UR Glastuinbouw
    Number of pages26
    Publication statusPublished - 2011

    Publication series

    NameRapporten GTB
    PublisherWageningen UR Glastuinbouw


    • mildews
    • oomycetes
    • plasmopara obducens
    • impatiens walleriana
    • plant pathogenic fungi
    • control methods
    • field tests
    • greenhouse experiments
    • dutch

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