Mycotoxin prediction with hyperspectral imaging

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Mycotoxin contamination in small grain cereals can lead to safety issues, animal and human health problems and/or economic losses. Mycotoxin production is largely influenced by weather conditions during critical crop growing stages (i.e. flowering and harvesting) and agricultural management practices (i.e. soil tillage, cultivar, previous crop, fungicide application, etc). Due to the temperature increase and changing precipitation pattern changes caused by climate change, mycotoxin contamination in food and feed crops has become one of the top threats worldwide for human and animal health. A reliable precise mycotoxin early warning system is therefore needed to ensure food and feed safety without polluting the environment and to achieve a sustainable agriculture.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 29 Jun 2021
EventOpen dag Ebelsheerd / SPNA - Proefboerderij Ebelsheerd, Oldambt, Netherlands
Duration: 29 Jun 202129 Jun 2021


ExhibitionOpen dag Ebelsheerd / SPNA
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