Monitoring and Evaluation of Soil Conversation and Watershed Development Projects

J. de Graaff (Editor), J. Cameron (Editor), S. Sombatpani (Editor), C. Pieri (Editor), A.J. Woodhill (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBook editingAcademic


Part One of this book introduces the challenges of monitoring and evaluating interventions designed by technical experts meeting the needs of people who actually use the environment which the interventions are seeking to modify. The chapters in this section seek reconciliation of these tensions through a variety of techniques that seek to engage non-expert voices in providing information and in return offer various degrees of ownership of the interventions. Part Two offers a range of case studies that show monitoring and evaluation in practice in a range of contexts in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Rich, thick descriptions bring out the challenges faced in practice in the field. Various ways forward are offered including greater institutionalisation of monitoring and evaluation in the State, but most point to greater inclusion of people affected by the interventions in the information system – looking to greater influence on decision-making. Part Three explores the frontiers of the contributions of physical science to monitoring and evaluating soil conservation and watershed management. The chapters demonstrate the increasing capacities of physical science to measure changes in the physical environment. The technical sophistication and ingenuity of the techniques is striking for a social scientist. Even the residues of nuclear tests and the Chernobyl disaster can be used to show how soils have moved over the past fifty years. Part Four engages more directly with the inevitable complications when monitoring and evaluation meets the socio-economic organisation of knowledge. The chapters bring out the resource implications of engaging with complex civil societies in a range of contexts from the highly individualistic in the USA to techno-bureaucratically dominated in Pakistan. The book offers accounts of socio-environmental processes in a wide range of contexts. It also has some of the qualities of a manual in offering numerous Tables with checklists of key variables plus a general concern with forefronting observability of performance and developmental impact.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEnfield (NH) -Jersey-Plymouth
PublisherScience Publishers
Number of pages529
ISBN (Electronic)9780429187865
ISBN (Print)9781578083497
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • land degradation
  • soil conservation
  • erosion control
  • watershed management
  • watersheds
  • monitoring
  • evaluation
  • project appraisal

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