Methods for landscape monitoring compared

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There is currently no landscape monitoring programme being carried out in the Netherlands, which hampers attempts to describe trends in the Dutch landscape and to assess the effectiveness of landscape policy. Several landscape monitoring methods have been explored in the past few years. In view of the lack of field data, much effort has been invested to explore opportunities for landscape monitoring using already available data. One of the sources is the GIS version of the topographical map of the Netherlands. In addition, methods for gathering information from digital aerial photographs have been explored, using manual methods as well as computerised remote sensing techniques. Finally, also field work methods have been explored, ranging from a detailed approach - in which detailed data on all landscape elements in a region are collected - to smart sampling methods enabling reliable assessments of landscape changes using a minimum of samples. An assessment of the various methods shows that a mix of methods is the most effective approach. Whereas reliable data on new buildings, as well as data on infrastructure and land use, can be gathered from existing topographical data, such topographical databases do not allow data on landscape elements like wooded banks and hedgerows to be gathered. The best source of information for this kind of data was found to be aerial photographs. Manual analysis of aerial photographs, as well as the use of computerised remote sensing techniques, turns out to be costly. Field work, which is very expensive, is only necessary to check the information gained from aerial photographs.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMapping and Monitoring of Nordic Vegetation and Landscapes. Conference proceedings, Hveragerði, Iceland, 16 18 September, 2009
Place of PublicationNoorwegen
PublisherViten fra Skog og Landskap
Publication statusPublished - 2010
EventMapping and Monitoring of Nordic Vegetation and Landscapes, Hveragerði, Iceland -
Duration: 16 Sep 200918 Sep 2009


ConferenceMapping and Monitoring of Nordic Vegetation and Landscapes, Hveragerði, Iceland


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