Methodology for Integrated Socio-economic Assessment of Multi-use Offshore Platforms

Phoebe Koundouri, Osiel G. Dávila, Mavra Stithou, Vasilis Babalos, Anastasios Xepapadeas, Ioannis Anastasiou, Antonis Antypas, Nikolaos Kourogenis, Aris Mousoulides, Marianna Mousoulides, Barbara Zanuttigh, Fabio Zagonari, Manfred A. Lange, Carlos Jimenez, Lars Rosén, Andreas Lindhe, Jenny Norrman, Tore Söderqvist, Dimitris Troianos, Athanasios FrentzosYukiko Krontira, Pedro Diaz Simal, Raul Guanche, Mark de Bel, Wei He, Sedat Kabdasali, Nilay Elginoz, Taylan Bagci, Bilge Bas, Matteo Cantu, Matteo Masotti, Roberto Suffredini, M. Stuiver, Elias Giannakis, Stella Tsani

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterProfessional


This chapter presents the methodology employed for the Integrated Socio-Economic Assessment (MISEA) of different designs of Multi-Use Offshore Platforms (MUOPs). The methodology allows for the identification, the valuation and the assessment of the potential impacts and their magnitude. The analysis considers a number of feasible designs of MUOP investments, and the likely responses of those impacted by the investment project. The approach provides decision-makers with a valuable tool to assess whether a MUOP project increases the overall social welfare and hence should be undertaken. This is performed under alternative specifications regarding platform design, the discount rate and the stream of net benefits, if a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is to be followed or a sensitivity analysis of selected criteria in a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) framework. The methodology can support the implementation of policies aiming at achieving a good environmental status of the EU’s marine waters and the protection of the resource base upon which marine-related economic and social activities depend.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Ocean of Tomorrow
Subtitle of host publicationInvestment Assessment of Multi_use Offshore Platforms: Methodology and Applications
EditorsPhoebe Koundouri
Place of PublicationCham, Switzerland
ISBN (Electronic)9783319557724
ISBN (Print)9783319557700
Publication statusPublished - 2017

Publication series

NameEnvironment & Policy
ISSN (Print)1383-5130
ISSN (Electronic)2215-0110


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