Method for remodelling cell wall polysaccharide structures in plants

P. Ulvskov (Inventor), H.A. Schols (Inventor), R.G.F. Visser (Inventor), B. Borkhardt (Inventor), S.O. Sorensen (Inventor), R.J.F.J. Oomen (Inventor), J.P. Vincken (Inventor), M. Mc Cann (Inventor), M. Skjot (Inventor), M.S. Bush (Inventor), C.H.L. Voragen (Inventor), G. Beldman (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Methods for providing transgenic plants and parts hereof that, relative to the wild type state, is modified in a complex cell wall polysaccharide structure including pectins and hemicelluloses, the modification being in the overall glycosidic linkage pattern or the monosaccharide profile, comprising transforming a plant cell with a nucleotide sequence that causes an altered production of a complex cell wall polysaccharide-modifying enzyme such as endo-rhamnogalacturonan hydrolase, an endo-rhamnogalacturonan lyase, an endo-galactanase, an endo-arabinanase, an arabinofuranosidase, a galactosidase such as a beta-galactosidase, a xylosidase and an exo-galacturosidase. The modification can occur in vivo or post harvest, in which latter case the modifying enzyme is separated in the growing plant from its substrate, e.g. by targeting the enzyme to the Golgi, the endoplasmic reticulum or a vacuole, or is in a form that is inactive in the plant. After harvest the enzyme is brought into contact with its substrate or it is activated to provide the desired post harvest modification of the cell wall polysaccharide. The transgenic plant materials have improved functionalities and are useful in food and feed manufacturing and as pharmaceutically or medically active substances.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO0159137
Priority date10/02/00
Publication statusPublished - 16 Aug 2001


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