Melk nog verder verbeteren door fokkerijmaatregelen : eerste drie promoties op basis van Milk Genomics Initiative (interview met Johan van Arendonk)

J. Blom, J.A.M. van Arendonk, W.M. Stoop, A. Schennink, J. Heck

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleProfessional


In 2004, the Milk Genomics Initiative (NGI) was launched – an exploration of the possibility to change the composition of milk though breeding measures. Five years later, it has become a fact that it is possible indeed, through selection of the most suitable animals, to attune the composition of both dairy fat and dairy protein to specific wishes. In milk fat the content of saturated fatty acids can be raised while in milk protein the casein concentration can be increased. In March and April 2009, the first three MGI research assistants obtained their doctoral degree on the basis of MGI research. An interview with the MGI project manager, Prof. Johan van Arendonk
Original languageDutch
Pages (from-to)4-10
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • milk composition
  • animal breeding
  • genetic variation
  • milk fat percentage
  • unsaturated fatty acids
  • milk protein
  • genomics

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