Materials for subsurface land drainage systems

L.C.P.M. Stuyt, W. Dierickx, J. Martínez Beltrán

Research output: Book/ReportBookProfessional


The purpose of this Paper is to provide this practical information to drainage engineers and contractors. The Paper is based on the current knowledge of water flow into drain pipes and envelopes, their properties and applicability. It also contains guidelines for the selection of drainage materials and practical guidelines for the implementation of laboratory and field investigations to evaluate the performance of drainage materials. The selection of the materials must also consider the required specifications, their availability, durability and cost. Guideline for selection of the most appropriate envelope material, as related to local conditions
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationRome (Italy)
Number of pages183
ISBN (Print)9789251054277
Publication statusPublished - 2005

Publication series

NameFAO irrigation and drainage paper
ISSN (Print)0254-5284


  • subsurface drainage
  • drainage systems
  • drainage equipment
  • drain pipes
  • water flow
  • envelope materials
  • drainage

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    Stuyt, L. C. P. M., Dierickx, W., & Martínez Beltrán, J. (2005). Materials for subsurface land drainage systems. (FAO irrigation and drainage paper; No. 60). FAO.