Mapping and monitoring of land, soil and groundwater in The Netherlands

B.J.A. van der Pouw

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    Land, soil and groundwater are mapped and monitored by three institutes. The TNO Institute of Applied Geosciences maintains a national groundwater monitoring network. The National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection manages networks for soil and groundwater quality. SC-DLO carries out soil surveys (including the water-table), land cover mapping and evaluations for potential land use and soil vulnerability. A nationwide soil map on a scale of 1 : 50 000 has been completed. The first national classification of land cover was made using 1986 LANDSAT Thematic Mapper images. All soil and land cover information is stored in a geographical information system.
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    Title of host publicationInternational workshop on harmonization of soil conservation monitoring systems; Budapest, 14-17 September, 1993. Budapest, RISSAC, s.a
    EditorsG. Várallyay
    Publication statusPublished - 1995

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