Mapping and monitoring changes in tropical forest and forest carbon stocks in Fiji and Guyana: a PhD working concept

J. Reiche, M. Herold, D. Hoekman, T. Hame

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract


The recently EU-funded FP7 ReCover project aims to develop science based remote sensing state-of-the-art service capabilities to support REDD and sustainable forest management in the tropical region. The South Pacific Island state Fiji and the South American Republic of Guyana, both currently undergoing national REDD+ readiness activities, and represent two of five ReCover service cases. Optical and radar remote sensing data are utilized in a synergy for mapping and monitoring changes in forest (incl. degradation) and forest carbon stocks with particular reference to REDD. Research focuses on (i) updating national forest area maps via exploiting multiple remote sensing datasets in order to provide more detail and accuracy in forest area and forest type. At selected demonstration areas that are characterised by active deforestation and degradation and thus are of great importance to REDD, further research focuses on (ii) the generation of high resolution up-to-date biomass maps by using the combination of satellite and in-situ data, and (iii) detailed analysis of forest changes. The latter includes the monitoring of changes in forest land such as deforestation from different drivers and processes, and forest degradation using a high-temporal (annual) coverage of satellite data. In particular the potential of radar data for REDD related services is in the foreground of the investigations. A sound statistical concept and validation procedure is of capital importance for all ReCover services. This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the framework of the ReCover project, and presents datasets and methods for the generation of the REDD related services for the service cases Fiji and Guyana.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event3rd Remote Sensing Symposium -
Duration: 7 Sep 20118 Sep 2011


Conference3rd Remote Sensing Symposium


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