MACSUR liveM - A Knowledge-Hub for integrated Modelling of Climate Change Impacts on Livestock Production Systems : Lessons learned and future developments

E. Saetnan, R.P. Kipling, N.D. Scollan, J. Bartley, G. Bellocchi, N.J. Hutchings, T. Dalgaard, A. Van Den Pol - Van Dasselaar

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingAbstract


A knowledge hub concept creates an arena for collaboration between diverse research groups, disciplines and projects essential for tackling complex global issues such as the impact of climate change on agriculture. The MACSUR (Modelling Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security; knowledge hub brings together partners from across Europe to develop a pan- European integrated modelling capability in the area of agricultural systems modelling. As part of this project, the livestock theme (LiveM) brings together modelling teams within and between disciplines to improve the accuracy of predictions of the effects of climate change adaptation and mitigation on European livestock production systems. The project is focused on collating, sharing and evaluating datasets for modelling use, developing methods of model inter-comparison, exploring ways to improve the impact and relevance of modelling outputs, and scaling up model predictions to the regional level. Through the project, inventories of relevant European grassland, animal and farm-scale datasets and models have been compiled. Model inter-comparisons have taken place for grassland and farm-scale models, and a model evaluation protocol is being developed. Work to develop links between modellers and dataset holders has proved a challenge, so that the creation of online inventories of meta-data has emerged as a priority in the formation of a more cohesive research community. The further development of links between related projects is an essential step in building the capacity to address complex global issues in a joined-up way, using the pooled resources of different research groups, projects and disciplines. There is an urgent need for livestock and grassland researchers to develop a more coherent approach to the complex challenges facing the sector, through the development of resources which facilitate increased understanding between groups and disciplines. Providing the space for such interactions is a key advantage of the knowledge hub set-up, which creates an arena of exchange from which future integrated research is generated. The MACSUR knowledge hub is an important step in developing a joined-up approach to livestock research. The ultimate aim is to realise the potential of a more integrated research community that effectively links experimental researchers, modellers, stakeholders and policy-makers.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLivestock, Climate Change and Food security, conference abstract book
Publication statusPublished - 2014
Externally publishedYes
EventLivestock, Climate Change and food security conference, Madrid, Spain -
Duration: 19 May 201420 May 2014


ConferenceLivestock, Climate Change and food security conference, Madrid, Spain

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