Livestock Husbandry and Snow Leopard Conservation

Ghulam Mohammad*, Sayed Naqibullah Mostafawi, Jigmet Dadul, Tatjana Rosen, Charudutt Mishra, Yash Veer Bhatnagar, Pranav Trivedi, Radhika Timbadia, Ajay Bijoor, Ranjini Murali, Karma Sonam, Tanzin Thinley, Tsewang Namgail, Herbert H.T. Prins, Muhammad Ali Nawaz, Jaffar Ud Din, Hafeez Buzdar

*Corresponding author for this work

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Livestock depredation is a key source of snow leopard mortality across much of the species' range. Snow leopards break into livestock corrals, killing many domestic animals and thereby inflicting substantial economic damage. Locals may retaliate by killing the cat and selling its parts. Predator-proofing of corrals has emerged as an important conflict-mitigation tool across many snow leopard range countries, including Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Decline in wild ungulate populations due to competition from livestock is another threat to snow leopards. Village reserves are grazing set-asides created in partnership with local communities to enable the recovery of wild ungulate populations. A case study in India is applicable to additional range countries. In Pakistan, the Ecosystem Health Program enhances community tolerance toward snow leopards by establishing sustainable, community-managed livestock vaccination programs that improve community livelihoods. Program sites record at least 50% reduction in disease-caused mortalities that resulted in no killing of snow leopards.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSnow Leopards: Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes
EditorsThomas McCarthy, David Mallon, Philip J. Nyhus
PublisherElsevier Inc. Academic Press
ISBN (Print)9780128024966, 9780128022139
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • Capra ibex
  • Competition
  • Conflict mitigation
  • Depredation
  • Livestock vaccination
  • Local communities
  • Ovis
  • Predator-proof corral
  • Pseudois nayaur
  • Retaliatory killing


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