Levenscyclusanalyse van vaste rundermest, runderdrijfmest, digestaat, GFT-compost en kunstmest bij gebruik in de biologische en gangbare landbouw = Levenscyclusanalyse meststoffen bij gebruik in de gangbare en biologische landbouw

P.H.M. Dekker, E.S.C. Stilma, W.C.A. van Geel, A. Kool

    Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


    A life cycle analysis has been carried out to compare with each other solid manure of cows, slurry of cows, digestate, effluent and solid fraction of separated digestate, GFT-compost and fertilizers (CAN, Triple super phosphate and K60) in the phase of production of the manure and transport to the farmer (phase 1) and the phase of application at the field (phase 2). With digestate the phase of biogas production is evaluated in a phase 0. Evaluated are energy use, emission of ammonia, greenhousegas and nitrate in a comparison per ton manure, per kg nitrogen and applicated in a fertiliser strategy at farm level for a conventional and an organic farm. Besides environmental aspects also the agricultural value of the manures is evaluated; the contribution of the manures to the direct nutrition of the crop, to keep the soil fertility up to the mark and to enlarge the stability of the yield. It is impossible to evaluate the manures in short words. The results are dependant of the definitions that are used and it is impossible to compare unequal parameters. The result of the evaluation depends of the weight given to the parameters. Besides that the result is dependant of the phase that is evaluated and the parameter in which the results are expressed (per ton manure, per kg nitrogen or applicated in a fertiliser strategy at farm level for a conventional and an organic farm). The report contains interesting information for growers, managers and authorities
    Original languageDutch
    Place of PublicationLelystad
    PublisherPPO AGV
    Number of pages85
    Publication statusPublished - 2009


    • cattle manure
    • cattle slurry
    • fertilizers
    • sustainability
    • animal manures
    • digestate
    • organic farming
    • energy consumption
    • soil fertility
    • arable farming
    • life cycle assessment
    • fertilizer application
    • ammonia emission

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