Latitudinal patterns of magnitude and interannual variability in net ecosystem exchange regulated by biological and environmental variables

W.P. Yuan, Y.Q. Luo, A.D. Richardson, R. Oren, S. Luyssaert, I.A. Janssens, R. Ceulemans, X.H. Zhou, T. Grunwald, M. Aubinet, C. Berhofer, D.D. Baldocchi, J.Q. Chen, A.L. Dunn, J.L. Deforest, D. Dragoni, A.H. Goldstein, E.J. Moors, J.W. Munger, R.K. MonsonA.E. Suyker, G. Star, R.L. Scott, J. Tenhunen, S.B. Verma, T. Vesala, S. Wofsy

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