Landbouw of landschap?; Ontwikkelingen in het agrarisch grondgebruik in twee gebieden in Friesland

J.W. Kuhlman, M.W.M. van der Elst-van der Lans, M.G. Betgen

    Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


    In recent years, the future development of agriculture has come to be seen in terms of different'layers', farm types with different perspectives. In this report these layers areinterpreted in terms of two different areas, and the consequences of both visions of the futureare studied for both farms and the landscape. Two areas in the province of Frieslandhave been chosen for this: the area of North Wonseradeel in the western clay zone, whichpresently has a mix of dairy and arable agriculture, and which is regarded as having amplescope for the further development of commercial farming; and the area of Twijzel-Buitenpost, in the sandy eastern part of the province. In the latter area there is a tension betweenthe maintenance of an attractive landscape and the need for farms to enlarge in orderto remain competitive.
    Original languageDutch
    Place of PublicationDen Haag
    Number of pages72
    ISBN (Print)9789052429984
    Publication statusPublished - 2005

    Publication series

    NameRapport / LEI : Domein 4, Ruimte en economie


    • agricultural economics
    • land use
    • farm management
    • landscape
    • dairy farming
    • arable farming
    • agricultural development
    • netherlands
    • friesland

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